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Given that there is such a wide range of furnaces and AC systems, choosing which is best for your home or office can seem rather confusing at times. This is where the experience and knowledge of a skilled team definitely comes into play.

M.B. Kiser has been helping folks throughout the Dallas area better understand their heating and cooling options, and subsequently providing them with the package units and systems that make the most sense for them.

With both gas or electric furnace installs, it’s about first gaining an in-depth understanding of your needs through a careful review of your ductwork, heating and cooling tendencies and utility budget. Using this knowledge, we can calculate exactly the size and capacity of the unit required and thus ensure a comfortable interior climate. As we use only high efficiency equipment, we can also help you to lower energy costs over the long term.

If you are considering using a heat pump, and are unsure of what exactly you need to accommodate this type of equipment, we can certainly evaluate your situation and give you our advice on the best plan going forward. We always try and come up with the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions possible for our customers. And with our service contracts, you can be assured that your newly installed HVAC equipment will always be properly maintained and therefore running as it should.

As far a central air conditioning, we offer a variety of top names and installation options. From quieter systems, to multistage units, to integrated air purification features, we can show you the very latest when it comes to AC technology.

Having had the privilege of serving the North Texas area now for decades, we’ve always prided ourselves on building a culture of openness and trust with our clients. This is just how we operate. For all of your installation needs, we would really like the chance to earn your business!