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Customers often ask us why diagnostics is necessary in regard to their air conditioner, furnace or heat pump. It’s very simple, if your unit or system isn’t performing as it should, if you notice hot or cold spots in your home for instance, or higher than normal energy bills, or perhaps you note that either the heating or cooling system is running longer than usual, then you definitely want to figure out what the issue may be before the problem spirals into an even bigger one.

M.B. Kiser offers comprehensive diagnostic checks designed to pinpoint any trouble spots, prevent future service calls, and bring your HVAC system back to where it should be—running at optimal efficiency. We take the time to go through every element from the coil to the compressor to the filters. Sometimes it may be as simple as a clogged filter, while in other instances we have discovered rust issues, water leaks, even duct blockages.

A careful diagnosis could mean the difference between a minor fix and a major repair down the road. Our goal is to keep our customers’ systems in superior condition and not have to have them spend money on problems that may have otherwise been found had they had a diagnostic check performed.

After over seventy years in the industry, we know exactly what to look for, how to approach any type of heating or cooling unit and how to mitigate smaller issues so that they don’t become larger ones. And we always believe in continued education. Technology is ever changing; we make sure that we keep up with the latest in HVAC advances. Our technicians are trained yearly and keep current on everything they need to know regarding recent updates and repair techniques. We would love the opportunity to earn your business. Call today to schedule your diagnostic check!