Finding the Best HVAC Service in the Dallas, TX Area

Choosing an HVAC company can sometimes seem like a hit or miss endeavor. You can google HVAC services; you can ask friends or family for referrals; you can read reviews online and see what experiences others in the Dallas, Texas area have had. But what it comes down to, is do your trust that HVAC service, are they reliable, and do they have their clients’ interests at heart?

So, why might you be looking to find a dependable HVAC company in the Dallas region? Perhaps your furnace is on the fritz. Or maybe your air conditioning unit needs to be repaired or replaced. It could be that you are just looking for an HVAC tech to perform routine maintenance on your system. The good thing is that Dallas, TX is full of HVAC contractors; the tricky thing is figuring out which one would be the best for your home. Below are five tips for helping you find the best HVAC service in the Dallas area.

  1. 1. Evaluate their Experience

    Without question, there is a great deal to be said for hiring an experienced HVAC company. The danger when it comes to hiring HVAC contractors, or any type of contractor for that matter, is that there can be a lot of “fly by night” individuals and/or firms that can talk all day about having so-called experience, but really have none of which to speak. Experience is important.

    How many years have they been in business? What is their track record like? This is where reviews can come in handy, as you can usually gauge from a review site just how long a company has been in business. Ask also about the licensing and certifications they have. Those techs that do not have proper training and certification should not be handling furnace and AC equipment. Do your homework in this capacity.

  2. 2. Look into References

    A good HVAC service/company is one that is subsequently proud of their track record and will not hesitate to offer references. If upon asking for references, the HVAC company refuses to give you any, then take this as a red flag. If the business does not have a list of satisfied customers in the Dallas, Texas area that they are willing to share, then potentially, something could be amiss.

    You could also ask around to people you know who have recently had their HVAC system serviced. Inquire about their experience with a certain company. If someone had a particularly good experience, then that is an HVAC business that is probably worth calling.

  3. 3. Is There an Evaluation Involved

    When you call a Dallas-based HVAC company, if they quote you a number over the phone without evaluating your home and your HVAC system, then you might want to try another company. Every home is different, just as every furnace and air conditioning system is different. What may be a properly sized unit for one house, could be something that does not work at all for another home.

    You want to ask about whether or not they intend to come and do a home evaluation prior to quoting you a price for HVAC service. This evaluation might entail duct inspections, a visual inspection of the furnace or AC unit, as well as a general evaluation of the home itself in terms of air tightness, square footage, and ventilation.

  4. 4. Inquire About Warranties and Guarantees

    This is an important one. And again, this is how you differentiate the fly-by-nighters from the businesses that have been serving the Dallas, TX area for some time. As far as the furnace and air conditioning units themselves, they tend to come with their own manufacturer’s warranty—as is the case with many of the parts that are necessary for the proper operation of your HVAC system.

    However, in terms of the work itself, a good HVAC company should offer some guarantees and warranties on workmanship. The goal of any company regardless of industry should always be ensuring that the customer is satisfied. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, then what is the protocol for addressing this. Be clear on the HVAC business’s policies here.

  5. 5. What Sort of Training Do Technicians Have

    Beyond just getting licensed and certified in the “basics,” what type of ongoing training do the company’s techs have? The world of HVAC is constantly changing. Just as is seen within most industries, technology can have a major impact on equipment as well as practices. The sign of a good HVAC service is one that keeps their techs up to date when it comes to technology.

    If you are looking to establish a long-term relationship with a reliable Dallas based HVAC company, you want to make sure that they have an employee training policy/program in place. Do they send their techs to school on a regular basis? Are their certifications relevant? How do they stay on top of the latest updates and equipment on the market? These are all perfectly acceptable (and important) questions to ask.

Finding a good HVAC service for your home is one of the most important things that you will do as a homeowner. Don’t take this task lightly. Do your research. Ask around about Dallas, Texas HVAC services. And then once you do narrow down the field, don’t hesitate to call the various firms and ask those questions to which you need answers.

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